You've got lots of planning to do and I want make your wedding gift the easiest and most fun! You already found the perfect partner, now you've found the perfect wedding gift. 

You deserve to have a boudoir album that will be as beautiful as the love you have for each other. Find out why are brides choosing Boudoir again and again over a watch!

Boudoir Is For You!

Some women think that boudoir isn't for them, but it is for everyone, tell me if you've said this...


I don't know how to pose!

None of my clients do! Each and every image is created with my direction from your finger tips to your toes, you don't have to do a thing.


I'm not pretty/skinny enough.

Every one of the women on this page said the same thing, asking me to hide their tummy, or if I don't get enough good pictures to make an album it's okay... Every. Single. One. Leaves loving their body, and loving themselves a little bit more than before.


I don't want my pictures on the internet.

No photos are posted without explicit written permission from you. Privacy is very important to us. If you decide you don’t want them shared, no one else will ever see them.


I'm not a lingerie kind of girl.

Boudoir isn't about lingerie! It's about falling in love with yourself and for your groom, doing something special. That can be in lingerie, or an off the shoulder sweater. We tailor it to you!


Boudoir is just self indulgent.

Is it arrogant to look in the mirror? To keep a Journal? to Meditate? Boudoir is no different. It is a symbol of your feminine self. There is nothing self indulgent about that.


Now It's Your Turn!

So what do you get for the person who has everything? A Boudoir Album that is so unique and so personal, you cannot buy it in stores. Let us help you make your wedding even more unforgettable. Fill out the info below and get more information about your amazing boudoir experience. 

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